ProConstruction Services LLC

ProConstruction delivers professional, accurate, and timely construction site inspections in South Carolina.


About Us

ProConstruction Services LLC

ProConstruction Services, LLC is a newly formed company that will deliver professional service, client-focused quality customer service, and timeliness for every construction project for the public and private sectors.

ProConstruction Services, LLC provides construction sediment and erosion control SWPPP inspections, construction observation, project management, and construction administration. We have nearly 28 years of experience in construction sediment and erosion control inspections, road and bridge construction projects, and residential and commercial construction site projects for federal, state, and local government projects.


Our Vision:
To be a respected, leading construction project management company.

Our Mission:
ProConstruction Services, LLC aspires to provide the client with an assurance of professional, efficient, and accurate construction inspection service. All services are provided with clear communication and follow-through procedures to ensure that the client’s needs and expectations are top priorities.

Our Values:
ProConstruction Services, LLC values safety, integrity and fairness, while committing to provide the client with the highest quality, accurate construction site inspection in a professional and thorough manner.

Our Work

Sediment and Erosion Contol Inspections / SWPPP Inspections

ProConstruction Services, LLC conducts sediment and erosion control inspections mandated by NPDES permits and governmental regulations for residential, commercial, and highway construction projects.

Our inspections encompass sediment detention basins, sediment traps, retention basins, ditch check dams, perimeter controls, construction entrances, and various site-specific erosion control devices. Our inspection services cater to municipalities, developers, owners, contractors, and other stakeholders.


Construction Bank Draw Inspections

ProConstruction Services, LLC provides commercial and residential Bank Construction Draw Inspection services to individual project owners, banks, and other financial institutions.

Our inspection services evaluate the accuracy of the scheduled draw request, construction phase completion, onsite stored materials and ensure that all noted construction work is per the plans and specifications.

The inspections will include a site inspection report to assist the lending institution in determining the appropriate release of construction funds.

Construction Management

ProConstruction Services, LLC provides comprehensive Construction Management services encompassing the seamless coordination of construction projects from inception to completion. While many construction projects typically adhere to the traditional “design, bid, build” approach, ProConstruction Services can optimize this process by expediting schedules and minimizing overall project expenses.

Embracing our construction project management services yields several advantages, including:

  • Skillful contract negotiations
  • Mitigation of change orders
  • Elimination of superfluous scope
  • Facilitation of competitive bidding
  • Application of value engineering principles